A consortium led by Telewellness UK

has gathered top experts to provide you with personalized advices on how to avoid getting COVID.

The origin of HealthTrust: Oxford DAYS Longevity Conference

Founder of Telewellness and HealthClub co-founded DAYS longevity project, with Marin Livadaru, an investment manager from Switzerland.

HealthTrust is the first Health-Wealth Sharing Economy platform that is supposed to get data of contributors, in order to develop an integrative AI Doctor system, providing free Preventive, Personalized services to contributors (all members of Healthclub community).

The pandemic multiplied the magnitude of the socioeconomic changes. As we continue to face this global challenge, life continues to shift in uncertainty.

One year into lockdowns and we are still navigating our way through so much unknown.

Scientific collaboration accelerated this year, all scientists prefer sharing instead of keeping commercial secrets! Sharing is new normal. Sharing is the key to surviving the pandemic, in our case, by sharing validated COVID solutions, to prevent the economy from complete devastation during the new lockdowns. This is why Telewellness founders have initiated a crowd voting platform: Lifetimeaward, to make the first Rating of COVID technologies.

There is the first crowdrating of COVID technologies.

After Lifetimeaward Scientific Panel will validate top 50 technologies, public voting during LifetimeAward event will decide on the winners of this essential program. How to get one of 50 free cruise tickets to LifetimeAward? Leaderboard rule: each week from June to middle August, users share links, and each Sunday at 23:59 GMT the system is choosing 5 winners of the week. 5 users with the most points for referral links posted and shared to emails of friends, will get vouchers for a free cruise.

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